Iff Snooper
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About Resources

The following resources can be displayed in the main tab panel.
  • To open an object IFF file use Cmd-O
  • To view the IFF header use Cmd-I
  • To view the rsmp section use Cmd-M
  • To view the OBJD section use Cmd-1 or click on the OBJD tab
  • To view the CTSS section use Cmd-2 or click on the CTSS tab
  • To view the DGRP section use Cmd-3 or click on the DGRP tab
  • To view the sprite section use Cmd-4 or click on the SPR2 or SPR# tab
  • To view the PALT section use Cmd-5 or click on the PALT tab
  • To view the BMP_ section use Cmd-6 or click on the BMP_ tab
  • To view the STR# section use Cmd-7 or click on the STR# tab
  • To view the TTAs section use Cmd-8 or click on the TTAs tab
  • To view the TTAB section use Cmd-9 or click on the TTAB tab
  • To view other resources as hex data use Cmd-0
  • Sometimes menus will be inactive (dimmed) if a particular resource is unavailable.
  • Sometimes the tab titles will be replaced by "....." if a particular resource is unavailable.
  • Sometimes the tab titles will show a different, but similar resource, to those listed above.


Use the tab panel to select the resource you are interested in.

Navigate -- Next Resource or
Navigate -- Previous Resource
to view the next or previous resource of the same type, as written inthe IFF file. Resources are not necessarily found in any particularorder within the IFF file, so it may be easier to navigate a complexset of resources via the
Navigate -- **** resource list
(where **** is the current resource type). This method provides the most navigation options.


IFFSnooper tab panel navigation submenu (IFFSnooper 1.1.9, MacOS X 10.2.8)

  • The DGRP tab panel displays a tile from the file Sculptures2.iff (original Maxis object).
  • The Navigate -- DGRP resource list submenu lists all available DGRP resources in this file.

There are also Previous and Next navigation buttons on the resource tab panels.

Navigating SPR# and SPR2 resources
To change the current sprite frame view use the menus
Navigate -- Next Frame or
Navigate -- Previous Frame

or use the buttons on the SPR2/SPR# tab panel.

  • To rotate an object SPR2 image use the NE, SE, SW or NW buttons.
  • To rotate a wall SPR# image use the Left, Front or Right buttons.
  • To zoom in and out use the zoom buttons.
  • Sometimes buttons will be inactive (dimmed) if an action is unavailable.

Floor files use separate SPR2 files for each magnification, and don't have rotations.
Wall files use separate SPR# files for each magnification.
Thought balloon SPR# files (in Sprites.iff) don't have rotations.