Skn2UVis a program for looking inside Skn files and making UV maps. The UVmap defines which parts of the .bmp texture file are used on the mesh,and where, which is very useful to know when trying to make a new skin.

How it works

Uponopening the program you will be asked to choose a .bmp file as thebackground texture, although you can dismiss this dialog if you prefer.The chosen image will be scaled to 512 x 512 pixels (256 x 512 pixelsfor adouble sized rectangular texture file)


Load a texture

Nextopen a .skn file to map and the program will generate a UV map from thedata within. You can now save the UV map as a PICT file to use inPhotoshop or a similar graphics program.


Now import a Skn file to see the UV map

Itis also possible to highlight a single vertex, face or bone set, toobserve how the mesh is put together. This is not necessary to use theUV map, but may be of interest to some people. Use the Mode menu tochoose a setting.


You can always turn off the texture layer if it gets in the way

Saving the UV map saves the UV map, not the background texture.

Version History

05 June 2004
Version 0.7.0
fixed reset bugs

05 June 2004
Version 0.6.0
Improved interface
Implements SKN transformations

04 June 2004
Version 0.5.0
Improved interface
Implements highlighting of blend vertices
Implements SKN export (unchanged apart from extra terminal 0x0D)

31 May 2004
Version 0.4.0
Many bug fixes
Implements highlighting of individual bone sets

30 May 2004
Version 0.1.0
First release version
Generates and exports UV map
Highlights single vertex or face