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IFFSnooper History: Update Notes 2006-2012

Version 1.2.4
11 Dec 2011
  • Implemented direct import of .bmp files into BMP_ resources
  • Implemented PALT edit routines
  • Implemented resizable windows
  • Implemented resource duplication from the MoreResources window
  • Improved display of dynamic sprites
  • Improved import of images for picture objects
  • Improved BCON edit routines with optional TRCN editor
  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features
Version 1.2.3
31 Mar 2008
  • Implemented BCON edit routines
  • Implemented BHAV edit routines
  • Implemented OBJf edit routines
  • Implemented SLOT edit routines
  • Improved STR# edit routines
  • Improved TTAB edit routines
  • Plants are now correctly categorized as Buy mode objects
Version 1.2.2a
11 Jan 2007
  • Fixed a bug when editing CTSS resources with no description field
Version 1.2.2
29 Oct 2006
  • Implemented import of images for picture objects
  • Improved display of certain BMP_ resources
  • Improved display of BHAV resources
Version 1.2.1
13 May 2006
  • Fixed subcategories in OBJD edit routine
  • Implemented check for GUID code when editing OBJD resources
  • Implemented GUID reference display
  • Implemented import of certain hex data resources
Version 1.2.0
12 Mar 2006
  • Fixed language code bug in TTAs edit routine
  • Fixed "unexpected quit" bug under MacOS X Tiger
  • Added "Add Menu" option to TTAB edit screen
  • Added "Resequence" option to BHAV viewer
  • Implemented DGRP offset autoscale
  • Improved display of BHAV resources
  • Improved handling of GUID updates
  • Improved sprite export under MacOS X
Version 1.1.9
04 Aug 2005
  • Fixed bug in DGRP routines
  • Implemented object oriented BHAV routines
  • Implemented object oriented rsmp routines
  • Revised CTSS routines to handle text encoding
  • Revised DGRP and SPR2 display orientation for TMog compatibilty